Janitors cleaning mop bucket and mop

Perry Shimanoff, president, Management and Communication Consultants (MC2), custodial trainer for California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) and master trainer for Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), is now offering targeted onsite training to school/university cleaning departments, according to a press release.

Topics of the training include: training trainers, basic custodial certification, best practices for handling blood borne pathogens, an introduction to cleaning, how to read safety data sheets, carpet care and spot removal, smart cleaning, floor stripping and refinishing and more.

“We focus on short, effective training,” says Shimanoff. “We view the worker as a coffee cup, and our knowledge base from 40 years of field experience, a coffee urn. We fill, but don’t overfill the cup.”

CMI Train the Trainer and Basic Custodial Certification (Level 1) training is condensed by 33 percent and delivered onsite. Most non-CMI classes are three hours in length and also provided on location.

Workshops are held directly at a school or local community venue, eliminating time and travel expense for attendees, while enabling them to apply lessons quickly in their facilities.

Workshops address individual learning-styles, from those who learn most by listening, reading, and watching, to those who learn best through hands-on and social interaction.

Custodians learn to discuss or “frame” cleaning with teachers, principals, and administrators, using the language of business; broaching cleaning’s impact on indoor air quality, safety, academic performance, pest control, odor control, and security, among other concerns.

For more information the these classes, call 650-465-2729.