cleaning an office

Businesses that provide sanitizing services in parts of Alabama are becoming extra busy, as more companies and government agencies ask for protection against COVID-19.

Restoration 1 of Birmingham has been fielding calls to clean more floors, walls and high-touch areas, reports ABC 33/40 News.The business says requests for service is driven by the fact that businesses see a potential liability in not keeping a clean and safe work area right now.

Spectrum Environmental in Alabaster is also being flooded with service calls, most of which are from clients in the industrial sector. Spectrum tells ABC 33/40 that building cleaning isn't just important for right now. The business believes that when workers return to the office they're going to want to know that everything has been cleaned and disinfected.

Superbugs don't just attack hard surfaces. They're also on soft surfaces, as this story from Sanitary Maintenance explains.