Appreciation for Hospital Cleaning staff, janitor, health care workers services on duty amid corona virus outbreak

The pandemic quickly proved which industries and which professions were essential, and it didn't take long for commercial cleaners to fall into that category. Although the recognition is warranted, it wasn't always realized. 

Facility occupants historically overlooked cleaning workers and preferred they work outside of traditional business hours. But the pandemic changed all that. Now, there is more public awareness on the importance of cleaning and disinfection. Occupants want reassurances and there's been a shift in perception as they ask cleaning crews to be more visible in order to provide confidence of healthy environments.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fact that cleaning teams provide support services within facilities — promoting and maintaining healthy environments — means they'll remain essential. And Franchise Business Review reports that these essential industries are expected to grow and lead the nation's recovery. 

In fact, over the past year, essential business have increased hiring, working hours and employee pay. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, 6.9 percent have hired more workers, 5.6 percent have increased hours and 6.5 percent have increased salaries. 

In terms of cleaning, specifically, Franchise Business Review reports that the pandemic was good for business and will continue to provide growth opportunities. For example, OSHA has issued new sanitation guidelines for businesses, and those guidelines are expected to remain in place moving forward. Also, the opening of the economy and businesses resuming full operations will create new market opportunities for deep cleaning and sanitation services.