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In May 2022, ICE Cobotics launched Cobi 18, a compact autonomous floor scrubber. It is the first of its kind intelligent floor scrubbing robot designed for commercial use. Commercial Cleaning Corp, who has been in business nearly a century, was the first in the United States to adopt the new robot for a commercial cleaning application. Commercial Cleaning Corp plans to use the new Cobi 18 at one of its private school locations. 

“Our client is a prestigious private school; they are cutting edge themselves and thrilled to be adopting this new technology. Anytime you can automate a repetitive task it’s a wonderful thing, it provides cleaning consistency, cost savings, and improves client satisfaction,” says Mike Rosen, president of Commercial Cleaning Corp. “Even our cleaners love it, no one likes to manually scrub a half mile long hallway, Cobi 18 does the monotonous work, and our cleaners get to focus on the details that make our service top notch.”  

Commercial Cleaning Corp. is not new to autonomous technology they are a long-time user of ICE Cobotics autonomous vacuum cleaner named Whiz and have several in circulation. “We are aware in the coming decades the cleaning industry and staffing will look totally different than it does today. Our goal is to adapt and stay ahead of the curve,” remarks Kevin Stoner, COO of Commercial Cleaning Corp.