College Students Lining Up To Clean Dirty Toilets

A Florida cleaning company made up entirely of college students started for want of a pair of jeans, according to an article on the Forbes website.

“It all started with a pair of jeans,” said Kristen Hadeed of Student Maid, Inc., the cleaning and concierge company she founded in 2009 in Gainesville, Fla.

As a 19-year old undergraduate student at the University of Florida Hadeed wanted to buy a new pair of jeans she couldn’t quite afford. To make some spending cash, she started working as a cleaner between classes.

After being hired for a large cleaning project near the university campus, she saw how much of an opportunity there was for a reliable cleaning service in the local community.

When she found her services to be in high demand so she hired other students to clean with her after school and on the weekends.

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