old well at UNC Chapel Hill

The air hasn't yet become crisp and the colors of leaves are weeks from changing, yet coronavirus is already ravaging universities preparing for their fall semester.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill cancelled its in-person undergraduate classes after a COVID-19 outbreak spread across campus during just the first week of the fall semester, reports ABC News. Universities have pledged to heavily clean and disinfect their campuses, but that won't help too much in situation like this, as the clusters of infections at UNC are believed to have started in dorms, a fraternity house and student living spaces. Packed bars and off-campus parties are also believed to be a cause.

It isn't fair to just call out UNC. Nearly two dozens members of a sorority at Oklahoma State University recently tested positive for COVID-19, reports NBC News. University of Notre Dame reported 29 new cases of COVID-19 between Aug. 6 and Aug. 14. More than eight percent of the students tested at the university since Aug. 3 have tested positive for COVID-19, reports the South Bend Tribune

Regardless of what university they clean, it appears the janitors and custodians at universities across the nation face an enormously difficult task this fall.