Hand turning a button to reduce chemical pesticides impact

The cleaning team at Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus was recently recognized with an honorable mention for the 2018 Green Cleaning Award. According to Healthy Schools Campaign reports, the team works with the entire school community, as well as local neighbors, to promote sustainability goals through green cleaning efforts.

Miami Dade College has made the commitment to sustainability part of all of its capital improvements to facilities and grounds. The college supports these goals with a green cleaning program through which they have been able to cut their chemical list in half, using only products that are green certified by third parties.

The use of a microfiber system, HEPA-filtered vacuums and EcoLogo and EPA certified paper products have also minimized the cleaning program’s impact on the environment, the article said.

To guarantee products are being used properly and in the most sustainable way, cleaning staff receives two weeks of green cleaning training at orientation. In addition to that, this training includes safety and expected customer service.

The campus serves 32,000 students across roughly 2 million square feet of buildings, including the Miami Culinary Institute, Miami Animation Gaming International Complex and the Miami Fashion Institute.

The Wolfson Campus also has an urban organic garden in the middle of the campus. The garden itself provides freshly grown produce to the college’s Miami Culinary Institute and a local restaurant. The Culinary Institute is a LEED-certified building.