Group of friends drinking a beer at the festival

"Trashed: Art of Recycling" has become an anticipated part of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and the 2019 recycling bin collection includes everything from a washing machine to a princess carriage, according to reports from The Press-Enterprise.

Part of the Global Inheritance programs, the art display at the event — held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Calif., on April 20 —  is made up of dozens of recycling bins redesigned by several artists. The website ranked their favorites, including:

Cup of Grande
An Ariana Grande Starbucks cup out that has her picture in the middle of a Starbucks logo and even her lipstick stain at the top.

Cat in a box
This bin recreates a cardboard box with cute gray kitty sticking its head out the top. You pull back the head to deposit bottles and cans.

Princess carriage
The pink fairy-tale-inspired carriage is called Coach-Chella. It’s pink, has gold wheels and a gold top.

Washing machine
Designed to look like a front-loading laundry machine, it's tricked out with a bottle of detergent and a laundry basket.

These whimsical bins definitely attract attention, but it is still unknown whether they encourage proper recycling, or make it any less confusing for consumers.

Many managers of recycling programs are struggling with too much “contaminated” material in recycling bins. It’s important for managers to know what receptacle techniques will work and what won’t.

CleanLink recently featured a report that shares some simple tips from an article on the website. Key how-tos include:

• Bottles, cans and plastic containers should be empty, clean and dry. Rinse anything that contained something other than water. But don’t sweat the “dry” – a bit of water won’t hurt.

• Put the lids back on bottles after rinsing and don’t crush the cans. Recycling plants uses optical sorters and flattened aluminum cans aren’t always recognized.

• No food or grease should be left on anything you recycle.