Messy business office with piles of files and disorganized clutter

While it's not a substitute for a thorough professional cleaning, keeping the workplace tidy is a team effort that should involve the entire staff, according to an article on the ABC Money website.

It's a good idea to establish and follow some cleanliness etiquette guidelines in the workplace. Doing so can help keep the workplace clean, which can result a happier, more productive workers.

Some smart rules include:

Avoid eating in the cubicle. If employees spill food on the floor, it will remain messy unless the carpet undergoes deep cleaning, a costly and laborious task. Even if the spilled food is immediately cleaned, the stains will often remain.

Keep the workspace organized. A cluttered office looks very untidy, and can create a feeling of lethargy after time. Folders, papers and all the other important projects on the desk should be organized at the end of every day.

Keep the restroom pleasant. Make sure there's an air freshener in the room. Also, ensure that the floor is clean and dry. Keep extra paper towels handy and try to keep the sinks clean all the time.

Keep cords neat. Make sure computer and extension cords are kept out of the way in cubicles, the aisles, the lunchroom and even the restrooms. If someone is charging their phone or laptop and the cords are in the way of office traffic, it can create a risky situation if someone trips.

Custodial staffs can work with facility managers to outline maintenance tips for office workers. Not only will these improve morale and productivity for daytime workers, but it can reduce workloads for cleaning staff after hours.

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