Friday, October 4, 2013, has been designated as "Improve Your Office Day." Office workers around the world are encouraged to take this opportunity to find ways to make their work area and surrounding environment more pleasant and enjoyable, as well as cleaner and healthier.

In preparation, Kaivac has begun posting tips each week on their Facebook site suggesting steps we can all take to ensure our work environment is clean, safe, and healthy.

"At the top of the list, because it is so important, is to clear and clean your [office] desk regularly," says Tom Morrison, Kaivac's Vice President of Marketing, who is spearheading the campaign. "Many offices have started programs where office staff clears their desks, allowing custodial workers to thoroughly clean them using disinfectants or automated surface cleaning systems that combine microfiber, window squeegee, and chemical injection technologies."

Along with several cleaning tips, Morrison says the Facebook campaign will include how-to suggestions such as:
• desk and drawer organization
• shelf and closet cleaning and organization
• sustainability tips
• evaluating old electronics (such as fans, heaters, and radios) for replacement with more energy-efficient models
• looking for and removing hazards, such as cords or other obstacles in walkways
• making the work environment more ergonomic
• installing anti-fatigue matting systems for standing workers
• making sure lighting is adequate, and encouraging natural lighting wherever possible

"We plan to have a little fun with this, but we are also taking it very seriously," adds Morrison. "Providing a clean, safe, and healthy work environment is the number one requirement for any employee and employer."