Cleaning System Receives Certification

Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning and OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning systems, announces that its lithium-ion battery-powered OmniFlex cleaning systems have been certified and found to meet all applicable Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) safety requirements.

The testing was conducted by Intertek, an independent, nationally recognized testing laboratory.
As a result, the OmniFlex systems now have the honor of bearing the ETL-C mark on all machines as well as on all related information and marketing materials. 

Intertek is officially authorized by OSHA to test products for compliance to product safety standards.  The ETL-C mark is accepted by all Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and code officials throughout North America.
According to Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing for Kaivac, beginning July 24, 2017, all lithium-ion battery-powered OmniFlex cleaning systems shipped in North America will be labeled with the ETL-C mark.
“In addition, current owners of OmniFlex cleaning systems may bring an existing system into UL/CSA compliance,” according to Morrison. “They can do this by purchasing the ETL-C labeled OmniFlex Battery Retro Kit directly from Kaivac or through a Kaivac distributor.”
Morrison adds that the new certification will not impact the pricing of these machines. When used for floor care, the OmniFlex systems are as much as two-thirds less than traditional floor machines.