A young girl in a camo hat looks on in amazement as she pets a snake

About 50 forth graders at Ware Shoals Primary School in Ware Shoals, South Carolina will benefit from hands-on environmental studies thanks to the school’s partnership with The O’Dell Corporation, a cleaning products supplier also located in South Carolina.

The Ware Shoals Primary students and their chaperones will participate in the camp March 26 and 27. Students will participate in classes and activities including “wetlands or badlands,” “The Seasons of Life – a Waterfowl Adventure,” “The Scarecrow and Plow,” “Spineless Wonders,” “Their Blood Runs Cold,” “Human Impact at Camp Leopold,” “Celestial Navigation/Night Walk, the Final Frontier,” a cypress swamp canoe trip, team challenge course, scavenger hunt, a campfire and more.

Since 2016, The O’Dell Corporation has sponsored the overnight two-day field trip to Camp Leopold for all fourth grade students at Ware Shoals Primary. The company’s cost is approximately $7,100 a year, depending on the number of student and chaperones attending. School District 51 provides transportation for students and chaperones.

“Through the generosity of The O’Dell Corporation, fourth grade students will experience nature as they never have before,” says Dr. Fay Sprouse, District 51 Superintendent. “Camp Leopold provides environmental education and hands-on science experiences in a natural setting. The late Senator O’Dell was a huge supporter of the programs at Camp Leopold. I’m grateful that the O’Dell Corporation continues to provide our students this opportunity.”

Camp Leopold was established in 2012 as a “school year” natural resource conservation and environmental education camp. The camp’s curriculum meets South Carolina and National Education standards for third through seventh grade using its 410-acre outdoor classroom to allow students to connect with hands-on experiences with the environment.