Very Old Vintage Letterpress spelling out "Give Back"

Cleaning for a Reason, an ISSA Charities signature program that provides clean homes for cancer patients, is still celebrating its Cleaning for a Reason Week through Saturday. The week-long charitable event aims to build awareness of its mission and raise funds to help expand its recruitment efforts in partnering with residential cleaning companies, identify and reach more cancer patients, and develop new fundraising campaigns with ISSA member companies.

“We’ve provided free home cleanings for more than 42,000 cancer patients, and we hope to reach twice that amount with the help of additional partners and sponsors,” said Cleaning for a Reason Founder Debbie Sardone. “During and well after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to keep cancer patients’ homes clean, safe, and healthy, as their immune systems and strength may be compromised. Cleaning for a Reason Week is a great way to give back to cancer patients and do what the cleaning industry does best – clean!”

Cleaning for a Reason partners offers two monthly professional cleanings per matched patient for those residing in the United States or Canada. Any man, woman, or child in active cancer treatment or hospice may apply for services at no cost. During Cleaning for a Reason Week, residential cleaning companies are encouraged to become a partner and provide these services for cancer patients within their local communities.

Additionally, Cleaning for a Reason offers unique benefits for ISSA member companies to become corporate sponsors, including brand recognition and exposure, increased employee engagement and morale, and more. Commercial cleaning companies can also partner with the organization to donate home cleanings to cancer patients.

“Almost everyone knows someone who has been impacted by cancer and understands that the small act of cleaning can be monumental for those living with this illness,” said ISSA Charities Director of Development Sandy Wolfrum. “This Cleaning for a Reason Week, we ask all members of the cleaning industry to make a difference and support Cleaning for a Reason’s vital mission.”