Cleaning Education Focuses On Food Service Areas

MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning School, an organization based in Central Florida that provides commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning certification programs, has announced a four-day program that combines hands-on training in the field with classroom instruction, according to an article on the Digital Journal website.

The class includes four days (approximately 26 hours) of hands-on intensive training comprised of both classroom and field training.

On day one of the program, participants receive classroom instruction with a focus on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) rules and regulations.

Day one will answer the most common questions related to kitchen safety, covers how to comply with NFPA codes and includes a lesson on how a certified exhaust hood cleaning professional should go about estimating bids for different restaurants.

Day two takes students to the school's warehouse for hands-on training with the tools and equipment used in the exhaust hood cleaning trade.

There will be hands-on training in safety procedures, mixing cleaning chemicals, funneling and draping exhaust hood systems, cleaning the systems, opening and closing accessing panels and installing fan hinge kits is also provided at the warehouse on the program's second day.

The third day is an all-day hands-on training in the field cleaning a real commercial kitchen. All of the skills learned and practiced on days one and two will be implemented in a real kitchen.

The fourth day includes a comprehensive lesson on estimating and marketing services. The process of becoming a bonded contractor and bidding on public entity and government jobs is also covered on the final day.

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