Janitor for a commercial cleaning company applies disinfectant fog to business

A licensed, professional cleaning company in the Phoenix Metro area is providing its clients with a disinfecting procedure that it claims to be effective in killing coronaviruses and other disruptive pathogens. 

M&R, Inc. employs a high-grade cleaning agent that is sprayed with hand-held fogging machines and followed by a thorough disinfecting process targeted at all common areas used by employees in commercial office buildings. 

"These challenging times require extra safety measures" says Martha Llamas, owner of M&R. "We are currently at war with a faceless enemy. Janitorial companies are right there on the front lines protecting citizens. It's crucial that our clients are confident that, before everyone gets back to work, we've taken the extra steps to help protect them, their employees and customers."

M&R currently employs 70 people in the Phoenix Metro Area. The company has just released a new video detailing its procedures and how it is impacting its normal business practices. The video can be viewed at https://marthallamas.com/cv-disinfecting/.