Cleaning Company Blamed For Unsanitary Restrooms

The school district's cleaning contractor was blamed for the condition of the restrooms at the Alamance County schools, according to an article on The Times-News website.

The presence of roaches, cigarette-burned toilet seats, mold-covered water fountains and a black widow spider with her eggs, were just some of bathroom described at a recent Alamance-Burlington Board of Education’s meeting.

Board members pointed out that some schools are spotless. Others — particularly the six high schools — have fallen by the wayside.

The blame fell to the employees of Premiere Building Services LLC, the school system’s custodial service, with board members claiming the employees don’t have pride in their place of work, aren’t upholding their end of the contract, and generally don’t care.

The district is entering the fifth year of a five-year contract with the company and early termination would cost an additional $2 million.

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