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Contributed by Schedule it

Cleaning companies have faced huge challenges during the response to COVID-19. While some areas of the sector have seen businesses totally shut down, many have been scrambling to keep up with demand, having to adopt new standards and new ways of working. 

Along with health and safety requirements for staff, some cleaning companies are turning to technology to help them manage during the crisis and learn to operate in the new work environment. These technological solutions, including scheduling and resource management software, are helping companies to cope with changing demand, changing resources and changing responsibility in a complex, evolving and still fluid situation. 

Scheduling tools enable companies to schedule all types of resources including employees, customers, contractors, or even vehicles and other equipment, all in a single system. Users can schedule any type of work or activity, such as planning and tracking work, jobs, appointments, vehicle and equipment maintenance and cleaning, as well as projects and many other activities.

“Since the COVID-19 situation took effect we have seen an increase in users from industrial cleaning companies, as well as other sectors such as security and aviation,” said Mark Ballance, managing director of United Kingdom-based resource management software company, Schedule it. “Our software is helping them to organize their workforce and work remotely, giving task lists for staff to follow/do, reorganizing planned work and scheduling in new or different types of work, as restrictions are lifted and new requirements are created.”

Schedule it provides resource management software that enables companies around the world to reduce costs and save time. The firm has recently been recognized in the UK Northern Tech Awards 2020, presented by GP Bullhound, as a finalist in the ‘Top 100 fastest growing technology companies' category.