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Frank Necela, floor care specialist and CEO at Zing International, Boca Raton, Florida, passed away on July 12, 2022. Necela was a long-time figure in the cleaning industry and will be greatly missed.

According to his LinkedIn page:

"With more than 65 years of floor care experience, Frank was a Floor Care Expert and Educator, and Life Coach working with all types of facilities and people that are responsible not only for floors but for the bottom line.

"Frank Necela started in the floor industry in 1958, working for a commercial flooring installer - sealing and finishing terrazzo floors. He then founded Sunrise Supermarket Services that became the international provider of floor care services. After spending 31 years caring for supermarket floors, he knew there had to be a better way to care for floors than the traditional methods of stripping, finishing, restoring and re-coating. He sold Sunrise in 1988 and began traveling the world in search of new technology.

"What he found was the entire world cleaned floors the exact same way. The only real discovery was in the early 1990's while visiting the Haigg in Holland, he found microfiber which he brought to North America. Frank then continued his research and looked at other industries for solutions. These solutions were found in the Cosmetic Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and the Paint Industry.

"Frank founded Zing International, Inc. in 1989 to produce his new technology, that started with one product CPC (Cleaning and Polishing Compound) that is used anytime a floor is buffed or burnished and then creating a complete system that helps eliminate the need for stripping and reduces the need for re-coating. 

"After my years working in the industry - 1958 to the present, I can say I had a lot of fun, met some wonderful people, traveled different parts of the world, raised a family of three boys — Michael and Thom are in the business, and Gary is part of a Special Needs Program. I have a grandson, Kyle, studying to be a Chef, and celebrated 58 years of marriage to my wife and best friend, Janet. Even though cleaning is not considered glamorous, I can say I wouldn't have changed my life for anything else."