After receiving some backlash regarding the state of restrooms in Penn Station, the New Jersey Transit Authority has authorized increased cleaning and repairs to the facilities. According to the Asbury Park Press, a commuter advocate group actually embarrassed the agency into action and the restroom cleaning is already under way.

As reported from the article, “Repairs have begun, bathrooms were power-washed and disinfected, toilet seats, coat hooks, door latches were replaced,” said Nancy Snyder, NJ Transit spokeswoman.

The quick cleaning and repair job happened after Al Papp Jr., president of the New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers, publicly complained to NJ Transit’s board of directors about conditions such as mirrors held together with duct tape, sinks with no water or with no soap for hand-washing and toilet paper dispensers duct-taped in place.

Embarrassed NJ Transit brass pledged immediate action and said they would hold third-party contractors responsible at the penalty of losing their jobs if it happens again.

The bathrooms are in line to be renovated in coming months, Snyder said, work that had been scheduled before Papp made the restroom revelation.

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