Floor care in any facility should not be overlooked, but a night club's floor can be surprisingly important. 

"The quality of the floor affects the number of patrons dancing on it, especially women, as they do not want to trip on the floor or have their nice shoes soiled by the floor," explains Sam Sameni, operating partner of a large Dallas dance club.

Because maintaining the dance floor will be up to cleaning professionals, here are some tips to help keep it clean and safe:

Know what you are up against.  A popular club will have a very soiled dance floor every visit.  Depending on the location, expect cigarette butts, sugary margaritas, red wine, and beer mixed in with lots of grime.  The dance floor should be cleaned every time it is used.  Do not let soil or moisture build up.

Establish a routine.  Organization is key to dance floor care.  The routine often starts with picking up large debris from the floor and then sweeping or vacuuming.  Look into a sweeper or wide-area vacuum, which can help improve worker productivity.

Scrub. Mopping the dance floor, even with a microfiber mop, should be avoided. It can spread soils further into grout and porous floors.  Instead, an autoscrubber or less expensive "auto vac," an effective autoscrubber alternative, should be considered. These systems are also more protective of the floor and the floor's finish. Whichever type is selected, look for systems certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Chemicals. Typically a pH neutral cleaner should be used to clean vinyl or hardwood dance floors; applying a finish is up to the client but if applied, it should have a high Dynamic Coefficient of Friction to help prevent slips and falls.

Quality.  It is very important that your client install a quality floor, and as their cleaning professional, this should be suggested.  It will last longer and be much easier to maintain.

When caring for night club floors, it’s also important to be aware of common slip and fall hazards. According to the National Safety Council, the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents in a setting such as a night club are:
 • Uneven surfaces
 • Spills
 • Loose matting
 • Weather-related conditions, such as snow and/or ice on the floor
 • Inappropriate footwear
 • Disrepair of walkway surfaces
 • Highly polished surfaces that do not allow for adequate traction
 • Low or hidden obstructions in the walkway
 • Clutter