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Celebrate the Health Care #HeroesOfClean by nominating an environmental service (EVS) tech  that has gone above and beyond while protecting patients from hospital-associated infections (HAIs).

“With hospitals limiting outside visitors, many EVS team members are working to not only leave patient rooms clean and hygienic, but are also trying to keep patient spirits up,” says Heather Siefert, CleanTelligent Software’s content marketing specialist. “Our team wanted to find, recognize and thank these cleaners.”

To participate in the 2020 Health Care #HeroesOfClean contest, anyone may use this form to nominate a frontline cleaner working in a hospital, doctor’s office, veterinarian clinic, assisted living facility or dental office by July 31.

If a janitorial team has several workers that have gone above and beyond, they are welcome to nominate more than one individual cleaner. Just make sure to clearly explain what differentiates each cleaner’s actions and dedication from another.

CleanTelligent will announce the contest winner over their social media channels on Aug. 3. The winner will receive a $100 e-gift card to the place of their choice. 

“Our team is dedicating the next four months to celebrating and recognizing frontline cleaners in every setting,” says Samuel Clayton, CleanTelligent Software’s director of Marketing and Sales. “We believe that the stories we are collecting and sharing will help building patrons learn to see the value of front-line cleaners in every facility type.”

From now through October, watch CleanTelligent’s social media channels for announcements regarding other #HeroesOfClean contests that will recognize cleaners working in government facilities and transportation hubs, schools, and office buildings and stores.