CleanTelligent Software Launches New Business Intelligence Dashboards

Capitalizing on the increasing demand for Business Intelligence (BI) software, CleanTelligent announced the launch of its new BI dashboards. The dashboards, now available to all HR/employee users upon logging in to the CleanTelligent web app, will enable BSCs to make smarter, faster decisions by quickly analyzing the most important data points from their previous site inspections.

“CleanTelligent BI is going to have a massive impact on this industry,” said Caden Hutchens, Vice President of CleanTelligent. “In today’s age of data and technology, it is crucial to know where and how to fix your business problems. BI gives you rapid insight of day-to- day trends.”

With the new BI dashboards, BSCs can retain more of their clients by seeing which ones receive the poorest service and will spend less time digging through pages of reports.

“This data analysis, with dynamic charts and drilling capabilities, will help users find areas of their company that need attention,” said Colin Childs, Development Manager at CleanTelligent. “It will help them know what is working well and what needs improvement.”

CleanTelligent Software will make the new BI tools available to client users in the near future. Learn more about the dashboards here.