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Winter weather may be winding down, but the emphasis on infection control that is often associated with it has not based off the most-viewed news on CleanLink in March. From the release of an office wellness toolkit to recommendations for improved infection prevention efforts in nursing homes, staying healthy has remained top of mind for cleaning professionals. Other notable stories include big name companies making notable moves, including Imperial Dade expanding in New York City and ABM modifying their leadership team.

Check out the complete top 10 below from the past month.  

1. Imperial Dade Expands Presence in New York City

2. CloroxPro Releases Office Wellness Toolkit for Infection Prevention

3. How New SEC Rules Impact Professional Cleaning Industry

4. Veritiv Names Senior VP of Business Development

5. ABM Announces Changes to Leadership Team

6. Report Highlights Recommendations for Improved Infection Control in Nursing Homes

7. Key Factors Behind a Booming Infection Control Market

8. ACD Releases Statement on State of the Union Address

9. 3M Announces New CEO

10. How AI-Equipped Robots Can Combat Labor Shortages