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The top cleaning industry news stories included several headlines centered on employee safety and wellbeing. An EPA restriction proposal on NMP, prevention tips for Legionnaire's disease, and funding opportunities on small businesses are among the notable examples. A bill that would restrict cleaning hours among frontline staff also has the potential to make significant waves in California.

The entire top ten stories from June is available below:

1. EPA Proposes Restrictions on Common Cleaning Chemical Solvent    

2. JLL Announces AI-Powered Facility Management App    

3. Program to Provide Small Businesses with Additional Funding    

4. Kimberly-Clark to End Operations in Nigeria    

5. Imperial Dade Continues New York Expansion    

6. Sodexo Announces Group Purchasing Agreement with Premier, Inc.    

7. Steps to Prevent Spread of Legionnaire’s Disease in Facilities   

8. Projecting the Next 5 Years of Facilities Management    

9. Exploring the Innovative Trends of Toilet Seats    

10. Potential Implications of California’s Office Cleaning Restriction Bill