CleanCore Technologies, manufacturer of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, announces the launch of a new website:

The home page headings "Cleaning Simplified" and "Sustainability Meets Performance" were purposely selected because, according to Matt Montag, distribution sales manager for CleanCore, "They say everything we want people to know about our aqueous ozone cleaning systems."

Ozone, a proven and effective cleaning agent used for more than 150 years, can be mechanically made using electricity and oxygen.  The ozone can then be infused into water and dispensed through a wall-mounted "fill station" or from a portable rolling "caddy," which looks like  an upright carpet extractor.

According to Montag, one of the goals with the new site was to let the company's end users talk about their experiences using a CleanCore aqueous ozone system. To do this, the site includes videos from a building service contractor, a healthcare housekeeping professional, as well as users in government and education.

"The videos are short but get right to the point," says Montag. "They show people cleaning with the [CleanCore] systems as well as building managers and cleaning professionals discussing their experiences with the systems.  Visitors can see firsthand how the machines operate and their benefits."

The new site also has an interactive "savings calculator."  For instance, users are asked to impute the following information:
 • Number of restrooms in their facilities
 • Number of restroom fixtures in each restroom
 • How often the restrooms are cleaned
 • Wages paid to the custodial worker.

With this impute, the calculator determines how much it costs to clean the restrooms using traditional restroom cleaning methods versus using aqueous ozone.

"Instantly, the calculator indicates the savings that can be derived by using the CleanCore touch-free aqueous ozone system, and often they are quite substantial."

Montag adds one of the most important points they want the new site to communicate is that this cleaning technology fits well in a green cleaning program, due to its minimal impact on the environment and its sustainability.  "[That's why] we call it greener than green cleaning."