The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) has recognized the Health Intentional Cleaning Program from Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) as the recipient of the “Clean for Healthy Environments” Award.

The “Clean for Healthy Environments” Award is for makers/providers of leading healthful cleaning products. While the program does not endorse products, it is focused on identifying and recognizing products that advance public health and lead to healthier indoor environments.
Award criteria includes:
• Company must have solid independent research supporting efficacy claims
• Company must demonstrate that protecting public health is a key part of its operations or mission statement
• Company must have at least two public health scientists supporting its claims and providing a reference or testimonial
• Company must be actively engaged in using Integrated Cleaning and Measurement™ (ICM) principles and therefore must provide field test data showing effective removal of soils  affecting health
• Companies must be IEHA and ISSA Members in good standing
AVT’s Health Intentional Cleaning Program centers on the use of its steam vapor sanitation equipment as a scientifically-vetted means of promoting healthful cleaning and public education. This approach meets the award criteria.

While HFI does not endorse products, it supports robust science-based marketing programs that benefit public health.