A shot of historic landmarks and portions of downtown Philadelphia


Philadelphia's business districts stand to receive a good cleaning thanks to a program that provides $7 million in funding to community nonprofits for sweeping and trash removal work.

Philadelphia Taking Care of Business Clean Corridors is overseen by 112 "cleaning ambassadors," The Philadelphia Tribune reported. The program is being expanded so that more than 200 cleaning ambassadors can be paid $15 an hour and receive developmental training. One of the ambassadors, Leroy Townes, was hired by ACAM Management after being released from prison a few years ago. The job helps him to both provide for his family and help the community.

The program contracts nearly 40 community-based organizations to clean 85 commercial corridors  in 32 communities across the historic American city. It is also helping five minority-owned commercial cleaning service providers by giving them the opportunity to serve as subcontractors for the community organizations.

For more on this program that is giving back in so many ways, read the Tribune's full report here.