Vector image of a city park with a playground and pond

A cleaning initiative one community established in 2019 in an effort to collect litter has shifted its focus to fighting off COVID-19.

Comprised of recent high school graduates Liam Cooledge and Devin Cyr, "The Clean Team" cleans and disinfects public areas in downtown Westbrook, Maine, reports American Journal. The duo works part-time, Monday through Friday, disinfecting playgrounds, park tables, basketball courts and a skate park.

The two young men believe their work is protecting kids from COVID-19. Adults appreciate the work, too, as several have stopped by to thank the men for work they believe needs to be done. Both men will leave for college in the fall, but the city plants to hire replacements that will work through October.

The city's Public Works Operations Managers Arty Ledoux says the two men have been a huge help to the department and are making an impact on public health.