Public Works employees in Windsor, Missouri were recently told that their toilet tissue consumption was too high and due to tightening budgets, employees would now need to bring in their own supply. The catch was that the new policy would only apply to the male employees.

According to KCTV reporting, a city administrator allegedly said Windsor would no longer provide toilet tissue for male public works employees, claiming that male employees were using far more than female employees. In the town of 3,000, there are 14 employees at the center of this discussion, 10 of which are male public works employees.

When the city administrator brought up the issue at a City Hall meeting, frustration spread throughout the room. City aldermen and the mayor were outraged.

"Ultimately this was an embarrassing mistake," Mayor Justin Brown said. "We can't see any logical reason why would they be told that they can't have toilet paper at their workplace, regardless of budgetary concerns."

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