Announcing successful idea

Cintas will be opening up a new regional operations center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee using a $20 million capital investment.

The opening of the factory is expected to create 144 new jobs at an average salary of $65,000, reports the Murfreesboro Post. Many of those jobs will function as a part of management and production teams.

Murfreesboro is projected to earn up to $1 million in tax revenue from the Cintas location by the new center’s fifth year of operation.

“We are proud to have an opportunity to become a part of the Murfreesboro community with the construction of our new facility,” says Dave Mercurio, general manager of Cintas in Murfreesboro, according to the Post. “This investment will not only bring new jobs to the area, but it will also help us serve a variety of businesses in Middle Tennessee.”