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Cintas Corporation published its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which details the company’s ESG Journey, performance and initiatives from the last fiscal year. Cintas’ 2022 ESG Report is the company’s third such report and covers the company’s fiscal year 2022 (FY’22), which ended May 31, 2022.

New data and information included in the 2022 report includes:

• The implementation of Cintas’ enterprise-wide ESG governance structure and strategy

• The company’s ESG-focused branding and “A Shared Drive for Better” platform

• The results and expanded reporting of the company’s energy sources and use, and a complete accounting of its emissions

• Updates on new and ongoing environmentally focused initiatives and deeper insight into the company’s water stewardship

• Expanded disclosures and information about Cintas’ employee-partner training and development; safety and health initiatives; and community impact

“ESG has become a strategic focus for us at Cintas,” says Todd Schneider, Cintas president and CEO. “We have taken a wider, more holistic view of our company. We’ll continue to strategically evaluate every input and output of our business to further identify opportunities for advancement. ESG considerations are helping us drive Cintas forward in every area of our business, and we anticipate we’ll continue to demonstrate increasing value to our customers, our shareholders and our employee-partners.

“We’ve made impressive progress over the last few years by operating our business with a critical lens and by leveraging our positive discontent to seek and achieve constant improvements. We are proud of our success as we run a highly successful company with a sustainable business model,” adds Schneider.

Highlights outlined in the report include:

• A 27 percent reduction in emissions intensity since the company’s base reporting year of FY’19, including a 7.5 percent decrease in FY’22

• A 24 percent decrease in energy intensity since the FY’19 base year, including more than a 7 percent reduction in FY’22

• A decrease in the company’s water intensity of more than 20 percent since FY’19

• A Total Recordable Incident (TRI) rate of 1.61

• 44.2 percent of U.S.-based employee-partners self-reporting with minority status

• The launch of new employee-partner business resource groups for the Asian-Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ communities

“Our sustainable business model dates back to Doc and Amelia Farmer in the Great Depression and it’s helped us grow our business in a responsible manner for almost 100 years,” says Christy Nageleisen, vice president of ESG and chief compliance officer. “As we continue our ESG Journey, and especially our Path to Net Zero, we know we have to remain critical about how we run our business and embrace opportunities to think and act bigger and better.

Schneider continued, “Since we published our last ESG Report, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the curiosity, awareness and passion about our ESG strategy that we’ve witnessed from our employee-partners, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities we serve. It truly feels like we’re all working together to achieve a better outcome for all of us.”

“Cintas has a strong culture of running our business ethically and responsibly, supporting our employee-partners and our communities, and offering sustainable solutions to our customers. Fundamentally, this is how Cintas has operated and grown through the years, so our stakeholders are even more interested to learn how we plan to lead A Shared Drive for Better in the years ahead,” adds Nageleisen.

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