Cintas Corporation announced its tile and carpet deep cleaning service received certification from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as a “high traction” service.
The first cleaning service to receive the certification, Cintas’ deep cleaning program restores floors to their original luster and traction by up to 35 percent, providing facility managers and operators with an easy way to keep floors clean and safe.

“Dirty, unsafe floors are the leading cause for slip-and-fall accidents,” said Fred Wehby, Senior Director of Deep Clean Services, Cintas Corporation. “While independent testing has shown our service improves floor safety, this certification validates the fact that Cintas’ tile and carpet deep cleaning service enhances slip resistance, improves traction and reduces the opportunity for a slip and fall accident.”

To qualify for the certification, Cintas’ deep cleaning system underwent extensive testing to assess compliance with slip-and-fall standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and NFSI. The first phase of the B101 testing required a prescreening using a NFSI-approved tribometer, which measures standing coefficient of friction, or slip resistance of the floor surface before treatment. The second phase required independent field testing over a 30-day period to measure the change in slip resistance after cleaning.

Testing results showed that Cintas’ deep cleaning service provided static coefficient of friction (SCOF) values of greater than .6 or greater (the minimum standard for a safe floor) in all areas tested, including the dining room, kitchen and food preparation areas. Floor surfaces tested included glazed ceramic and quarry tile—flooring types present in many foodservice operations. Testing results qualify the system as “high traction” based on the ANSI/NSFI B101.1 standard.

“The certification provides an easy way for businesses to identify floor care practices and programs that improve floor safety,” added Wehby. “Organizations that use Cintas’ tile and carpet deep cleaning service will not only experience a significant improvement to the image of their floors, they will also reduce their risk for a slip-and-fall accident.”