Cascades Tissue Group announces that Cincinnati-based Cintas Corporation received an achievement award in honor of its strong partnership and dedication to furthering Cascades’ environmental preferable products.  Based on 2011 sales of Cascades 100 percent recycled, away-from-home tissue offerings, the distributor conserved 143,533 trees (the equivalent of 358 American football fields). In addition, the carbon dioxide emissions it reduced by not using virgin fiber is equivalent to removing 5,952 cars from the road.

“The support from Cintas is indispensable,” said Suzanne Blanchet, Cascades Tissue Group CEO. “By honoring them with an award, we want to recognize their contribution in lowering our environmental footprint, and in informing end users on the importance of sustainable development.”

“Improving the sustainability of our products and supply chain through our strategic sourcing process is a priority at Cintas,” said Brian Bensman, Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing, Cintas. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with a recognized supplier like Cascades that provides environmentally responsible paper products made from 100 percent recycled fiber and certified Green Seal. We look forward to providing more of these products to our customers and further reducing our environmental impact.”