Pile of sugar next to diabetes spelt out

Cintas Corporation, a provider of workplace first aid, safety supplies and training services based in Cincinnati, is teaming with the (ADA) to help people living with diabetes thrive in the workplace. Launched in July, the new collaboration aims to advance the ADA’s mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by the disease, the company announced.

“As a national supporter of the American Diabetes Association, a global authority on diabetes, we hope to engage, educate and expand awareness of diabetes and offer assistance to individuals who are impacted by it,” says Mark Carter, president and COO of Cintas’ first aid and safety division. “Nothing is more important to a business than the health and safety of its employees. More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, but early detection and treatment can reduce the risk of developing complications. It’s important for employers to be aware that there may be people with diabetes in their workplace so they can be proactive about offerings in their first aid kit.”

Cintas is joining forces with the ADA and helping those living with diabetes thrive by offering a variety of approved first aid products suitable for people with diabetes in the workplace. Cintas customers can now select products appropriate for people living with diabetes to include in their cabinets.

“Nearly half of adults in the United States live with diabetes or prediabetes, so it’s absolutely essential that we meet them where they are —whether at work, school, or play,” says John J. Agos, chief strategic development officer of the ADA. “We’re excited to collaborate with Cintas and bring products that help those living with diabetes thrive in the workplace and look forward to working together to bend the curve on the diabetes epidemic.”