COVID-19 Pandemic Coronavirus. A young woman on a light background in a protective mask to stop spread of the SARS-CoV-2 disease virus.

Design Collective by Cintas donated over 250,000 single-use masks to the Power of Life Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in three states across the southeast United States that helps an underserved and displaced population. 

The face masks will be donated to people living at or below the poverty level, women and children, veterans, transients and at-risk youth as part of the foundation’s “It's Cool to Be Covered!” program which hosts drive-thru free face masks and food giveaway events in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

"We are honored for the opportunity to support the Power of Life Foundation’s mission to provide individuals facing difficult times with basic daily needs,” said Todd McKeown, president and chief operating officer of Design Collective by Cintas. “We are proud to continue to do our part to support our local communities and we hope the face masks will help the Power of Life Foundation achieve its goal of flattening the curve of COVID-19.”

The foundation’s mission is to help an underserved population to empower themselves economically and socially, enhance their health and well-being, and assist them in overcoming hardships. Since the onset of COVID-19, the Power of Life Foundation has focused on helping these populations combat the virus by providing free, reusable, cloth face masks, assisting with COVID-19 education, providing information about the vaccine and vaccine locations, and providing nutritional food to combat food insecurity.

“Thanks to Design Collective’s generous donation, we are able to provide every person we come in contact with free face masks,” said Lane Harper, executive director of the Power of Life Foundation. “We want to educate citizens about COVID-19 safety and factual information about the vaccine.  The face masks will help provide some protection against the virus to individuals who aren’t able to afford their own face masks or who are hesitant about receiving the vaccine.”

To date, the Power of Life Foundation has successfully distributed more than 350,000 reusable cloth face masks and over 220,000 pounds of food across the southeast United States. They have provided individuals with shoes, socks, clothes, food, PPE, and funds to pay utility bills.