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A passionate 12-year-old girl recently met with the U.S. Congressman serving her district in hopes he will take her calls for handicapped-accessible restrooms to Capitol Hill.

Zoey Harrison met with U.S. Congressman John Moolenaar (R-Michigan) to discuss sweeping changes to public restrooms so that they are more accommodating for people with disabilities and their families, reports WWZM. Harrison's strong interest in the topic of making restrooms more handicap accessible - a debate that has spread throughout the nation - is understandable considering she was born with cerebral palsy.

Harrison told Moolenaar that she's come to find public restrooms to be "disgusting." She said her mom and dad often have to change her on a the floor because there is no changing station in the restrooms. Often times, those floors are wet, she said.

Harrison recalled one instance in which her family visited a water park. When she had to change out of her bathing suit in the restroom, she had to sit in ants because they were all over the floor.

Molenaar was given a document with Harrison's idea on how public restrooms in Michigan should be improved.

Harrison also met with State Representative Graham Filler in 2019 to discuss changes that could be made to public restrooms. After being put on pause by COVID-19, the two were able to meet again in April.

Filler is currently working on getting two bills related to Harrison's ideas passed into state law. Now she hopes Harrison can help make the push to change federal law.