80 year celebration

The new year marks the 80th year anniversary for Warsaw Chemical, a company that has grown from a small manufacturer of toilet bowl cleaners and mechanics hand soaps, into a national supplier of more than 300 cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, protectants, lubricants and specialty products.

Warsaw Chemical was founded in 1941 and has always been privately owned. Currently, about 70 people are employed by the company. 

“We are proud of the fact that Warsaw Chemical has been a part of the Warsaw Community for eight decades. We have a team of highly talented people that have championed the success of the company. We will continue to build on our history of creating and manufacturing products that carry value and contribute to the success of our clients,” said Troy Gamble, CEO and partner of Warsaw Chemical. 

Warsaw Chemical produces a diversified line of Warsaw Chemical-branded and private label products distributed in four different markets, one of which being janitorial cleaning products, disinfectants and hand soaps.