The Chemical Free Cleaning Network, in partnership with the University of Maryland’s Department of Residential Facilities & Building Services at College Park and Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, has announced the second annual Chemical Free Cleaning Network Conference and Expo will take place September 18—19, 2012 at the University’s Stamp Center.

“The enthusiastic response to our first expo at NOVA University last winter confirmed our hunch: professionals are hungry for alternative ways to clean, sanitize, and disinfect sustainably,” commented Vince Elliott of Elliott and Affiliates, Ltd., and founder of the Chemical-Free Cleaning Network. “At the conclusion of the event, virtually all attendees I spoke to asked when the next Expo would take place. Well, it’s now scheduled and attendees can expect even more speakers, better case studies, and of course, the newest innovations and technologies to help them continue—and in some cases even start—the journey to chemical-free.”

The conference will examine and showcase innovative cleaning technologies and strategies that are changing the way buildings are maintained in 2012 and beyond. Methods for understanding the budget, health, and environmental consequences will be explored and critiqued. Regulatory information, end- user case studies, peer networking, and equipment demonstrations will highlight the conference and help attendees understand how the newest technologies can safeguard the health of all building occupants.

“Those who adopt the emerging technologies that will be featured at the conference will lower costs, improve property image, and gain an advantage in a competitive market,” stressed Elliott.

At the Expo, members of the cleaning industry, contractors, facilities and real estate managers, attendees, as well as interested members of the general public, will also experience informative presentations by innovative leaders like:

Ruben Rives is the owner of Miami-based H2Only Renewable Cleaning. He maintains schools in the Somerset Charter Schools system almost exclusively using water and low-moisture steam vapor.

Vince Elliot is the Founder of both Elliott Affiliates, Ltd., and The Chemical Free Cleaning Network. Vince has worked as a consultant and advisor to the cleaning industry since 1973. He is one of the first to apply the concepts of performance based contracting and the application of cleaning measurement sciences in the Real Estate industry.

Tommy Little is the Manager of Building Services for the Georgia Institute of Technology Facilities Department. He established and has led Georgia Tech’s Green Cleaning Program since 2003 progressively reducing the University’s dependency on synthetic chemicals to clean and maintain the campus.

Anne Steinemann, professor of civil and environmental engineering and of public affairs at University of Washington, will share recent study discoveries that 25 commonly used scented cleaning and laundry products emit an average of 17 chemicals each. Of the 133 different chemicals detected, nearly a quarter are classified as toxic or hazardous under at least one federal law. Only one emitted compound was listed on a product label, and only two were publicly disclosed anywhere.

Rex Morrison, President of the non‐profit Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) Consortium, Inc. Rex pioneered PCHS in 100 schools in the Washoe County School District, Reno, Nev. Rex now helps school districts across the nation implement the PCHS program to improve the health of the indoor environment by implementing chemical‐ free systems.

Dr. Robert Powitz, Forensic Sanitarian, will speak about the importance of data and measurement. With a Ph.D and M.P.H. in environmental health and environmental microbiology from the University of Minnesota, Bob is past Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Wayne State U in Detroit, and Biological Safety Officer for USDA at Plum Island Animal Disease Center.