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ChemSec’s e-marketing platform for sustainable chemistry — Marketplace — and CleanGredients, the database of market-ready chemical ingredients pre-approved to meet U.S.’s Safer Choice standard, have announced a new partnership. This partnership will allow CleanGredients’ users to market their products on Marketplace and further increase the visibility of Marketplace and CleanGredients in both Europe and the U.S.

The CleanGredients database allows chemical formulators to source safer ingredients quickly and efficiently, as well as gives a platform to market safer ingredients that meet the stringent Safer Choice standard.

“While EU countries have robust chemical policies and third party product certification programs, there is not a standard like Safer Choice that is supported by a database of suppliers’ ingredients that are designed and third party verified to help formulators meet that standard efficiently and cost-effectively,” said James Ewell, Director of Sustainable Materials at GreenBlue who leads the CleanGredients program. “We are excited to partner with ChemSec to offer our supplier customers a chance to find new business opportunities in European markets.”

The business-to-business platform currently boasts everything from non-toxic water repellents for textiles to safe flame-retardants and alternative chrome plating.

“There is a large diversity of safer chemistry on the platform; something we know is in high demand by brands and retailers worldwide looking to substitute toxic chemicals in products and supply chains”, says Jerker Ligthart, Marketplace Project Manager.