90 years old celebrating classic logo

Chase Products Co., the Broadview, Ill.-based manufacturer of private label aerosol items, has a strong reputation as a company that does not cut corners when it comes to manufacturing products. The result has been a steady rise in sales over the last two years, the highest growth rate in company history.

According to DrugStoreNews.com reports, the success can be attributed to products being made in America an a mantra of "doing things right the first time," as well as strong sales teams and consistency in the marketplace.

Today, Chase celebrates that consistency, which began 90 years ago.

Established in 1927, Chase Products initially manufactured and distributed insecticides and pesticides. In 1948, it was one of the first three companies granted a license by the Department of Agriculture to provide mosquito abatement solution in pressurized containers to protect American soldiers stationed in jungles overseas.

After that, Chase became the first to manufacture spray paint. After that, things progressed rather quickly. Company officials say that Chase went on to become the first company in the country to develop hair spray and the second to formulate and package spray snow.

In 2011, Chase introduced Champion Sprayon Green World N products, the first full line of Environmental Protection Agency Safer Choice-certified continuous spray jan/san products. Chase also provides its own national-brand equivalent formulas to wholesalers and retailers across the country and around the world. These products bear the Champion Sprayon name, or carry another of Chase’s nationally-recognized labels such as Champion’s Choice, Green World N, Chase’s Home Value, ProsALL, Kill Zone, Smooth Track, ColorSpray, Decorating Magic, or Santa.

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