Happy Young Housekeeper Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner In Hotel Room

Perhaps International Housekeepers Week should extend an entire month, but at least it’s getting seven days, right? 

Held every year on the second week of September, International Housekeeping Week celebrates the contributions cleaners make throughout various industries. Companies and associations both large and small use this time to celebrate these workers in their own unique way.

Hilton, for example, is honoring what it calls the “king and queens of clean” through a webpage created specifically for the event. Those visiting the page can post photos of their cleaning team to Hilton’s 2019 Housekeeping Wall of Fame. There’s also a tool that allows managers to create an online scrapbook specific to the property they care for that can be shared with the entire team. Additionally, Hilton is selling merchandise devoted to the special week.

International Housekeeping Week was founded by IEHA (formerly International Executive Housekeepers Association) in 1981 as a way to give thanks to the frontline staff who too often go without the praise they deserve.

“It is so important you and your management teams thank your staff for all that they do,” say IEHA Executive Director Michael Patterson in a statement. “Make a commitment during the week to thank the ‘doers‘ that are under your span of control.”