Touchless hand sensor concept

Contributed by BIOtouchless

Mountain View School District in El Monte, California has become the first school district to provide a completely touchless restroom experience for building students, teachers, and visitors. According to the Director of Maintenance, Operations & Transportation for the Mountain View School District, “In a post COVID-19 pandemic public restroom environment, we wanted to provide a completely touchless experience for health and safety reasons. We are pleased to be the first in the world to provide an environment that will better prevent the spread of pathogens and disease.” 

In addition to the hygienic aspect, based upon the savings that commercial buildings have seen from automatic paper towel dispensers, we expect to see a 50 percent reduction in the amount of toilet paper consumption. Along with safety, financial responsibility is always a priority in our District.”

The Mountain View School District is a K-8 district located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley and proudly serves approximately 4,500 students at eight schools, as well as the educational needs of approximately 490 preschool children and families through its highly engaging Head Start State Preschool and Children’s Center programs.  

The District promotes sanitary conditions and likes that with “BIOtouchless” automatic, touchless dispensers, the toilet paper rolls are fully protected from airborne pathogens that collect on top of exposed toilet paper rolls in public restroom stalls. It is an unseen threat that the District felt should be addressed and with this technology, human-to-human contamination can be prevented as well.  The high capacity of the units also reduces the number of times our staff has to refill the paper in each stall, enabling them to tend to other tasks.

According to Kevin Dailey, BIOtouchless CEO, “The market is embracing touchless technologies due to health, ROI, and convenience reasons. We applaud the district for its vision and commitment to the health and wellbeing of its students and teachers”. The District utilized their available ESSER III funds remaining in the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act to purchase the devices, so the entire upgrade was funded with Federal funds.

The TP-100 has a fully enclosed, aesthetically pleasing design that is suitable for all commercial restroom environments. An onboard processor manages the sensors and motors that deliver high reliability to ensure a pleasant user experience. A simple wave of the hand dispenses 20 or 24-inch segments of paper or a continuous feed for ADA compliance. Multiple dispenses are always available, as needed.