One of the Cleveland-area’s most popular ice arenas recently became one of the most bacteria-resistant sports facilities in the nation, thanks to the installation of MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper on more than 200 touch points. 

Gilmour Academy Ice Arena recently installed MD-Cu29 touch surfaces to provide continuous and
ongoing antibacterial action against bacteria, including MRSA, E-coli and VRE.  Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, MD-CU29 takes advantage of copper’s natural anti-microbial properties to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria within two hours1; it continues to kill 99% of bacteria*even after repeated contaminations.

The MD-Cu29 installation at Gilmour Academy Ice Arena focuses on high-traffic surfaces, including door handles, push plates and locker pulls, as well as retrofitting existing surfaces with MD-Cu29 to reduce costs. Together, these touch surfaces will help protect the arena’s 300,000+ annual visitors from several dangerous bacteria associated with sports facilities and public spaces.

“Our decision to install MD-Cu29 touch surfaces is all about prevention and safety, for students and visitors,” says Gilmour’s Hockey Director, John Malloy. “When we heard about the benefits of copper touch surfaces, we were very interested,” he explains.  “Installing MD-Cu29 is a smart, cost-effective way to take action against bacteria like MRSA.”

The decision to install MD-Cu29 touch surfaces fits with Gilmour Academy’s approach to education.  The school is known for preparing children to become independent thinkers, and teaches by example.

“As a parent you want to do all that you can to protect your children from harmful bacteria,” says Joe Mallack, CEO of Pittsburgh-based Hussey Copper, which manufactures MD-Cu29 touch surfaces. “It is refreshing to see Gilmour Academy take a step in that direction. Gilmour is a first-class educational institution, and this recent action exemplifies its commitment to students, parents, and coaches.”

Another early adopter of MD-Cu29 touch surfaces is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 52 bottle filler and water fountain stations featuring MD-Cu29 have been installed there in collaboration with the airport, Emory University and OASIS to reduce bacteria.

MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper can be easily researched and purchased online at or on