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Ecolab and GSF partnered to renew yellowing, discolored floors across seven facilities. The floors and baseboards had several years of build up on them—which was not the look the customer wanted to promote. The customer had struggled for years to find the service and solution to restore the floors and keep them looking good.

They were looking for a comprehensive program to tackle the floor buildup issue and also make it easy for the cleaning crew to maintain the floors for years to come. They also wanted partners to help them achieve clean, safe facilities and measure their return on investment (ROI). They needed some who really understood their needs and challenges and strived to address them.

GSF partnered with Ecolab to help the customer meet their unique cleaning and operational efficiency challenges. Together they put together a comprehensive floor finish program that offered the product array needed to address each of the floor issues the customer had.

They worked with the cleaning team to show them what products to use to deep clean, strip the old yellow finish, correctly neutralize the floors and then showed them how to properly finish the floors with the Ecolab Phazer™ Mobile Floor Care System.


Revitalized Floors Throughout the District
The cleaning team was able to efficiently and completely strip and clean the floors and then refinish them. The extensive training and new information has prepared them to clean, maintain and keep their floors looking fresh for years to come. The Administration was happy with the look of the floors as they now live up to the District standards.

Improved Processes
The District was very pleased with Ecolab’s ability to quickly and efficiently implement the new program including the Phazer Mobile Floor Care system. Ecolab not only recommended the right solutions to meet the needs of each facility but also established the desired partnership to provide training for the cleaning crew to help make the overall process of stripping and refinishing the floors quick and easy.

Operational Efficiencies
73% increase in labor productivity with Phazer Mobile Floor Care System compared to a traditional mop & bucket, plus reduced risk to injury.

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