Less packaging waste. More efficiency. Ecolab

The Clemson University campus consists of 35 residence halls and on-campus apartments, 20 dining facilities and multiple buildings where classes where over 110 programs are taught. According to Reggie Hawthorne, Director of Custodial and Building Support, the university was experiencing a lot of hand soap waste in their restrooms. Cleaning crews were replacing soap dispensers when they noticed them getting low which resulted in product waste. And, because the soap dispensers did not dispense all of the product, there was additional product waste with each package. This not only resulted in higher product costs, but also created a large amount of packaging waste.

Reggie wanted a partner who would work with him to fulfil the university’s cleaning needs while helping Clemson realize its sustainability goals. He wanted a partner who would not only offer innovative products but who would also provide great service that included training for his employees.

Reggie partnered with Ecolab after he learned about the Nexa Concentrates Hand Hygiene Program at an ISSA show. He liked the fact that this innovative new solution worked with one product that could be used in multiple locations and that it offered sustainability benefits. They started by putting the Nexa Program in one building that housed approximately 400 students. Not long after, the Nexa products were added to the restrooms in the Athletic Department buildings.


Cost Savings
As Clemson analyzed its costs, they found that they were seeing a significant cost savings with the Nexa program. The program uses a refillable soap cartridge that is refilled using the Nexa Concentrates Station. The refill station precisely dilutes hand soap concentrate to a ready-to-use concentration. One 1.3L container of concentrate can be diluted to make 13L of ready-to-use hand soap. The refillable nature of the system means that most, if not all soap is consumed, resulting in no measurable soap waste.

Reduction in Packaging Waste
Since the soap cartridges are refilled rather than disposed of, there is little packaging waste. In addition, the packaging is recyclable. Clemson was very happy with how this met their desire to be sustainable.

Less Storage Space Required
The packaging of the concentrated product was smaller than their previous product and, since the dispensers were refilled, there was not a need to store a large number of product containers.

Additional Value of the Partnership
Clemson also initiated use of the Ecolab Cleaning Caddy, which held and dispensed a cleaning, disinfecting and all-purpose product for all of their restroom cleaning needs. The touch-free system helped make the overall process of restroom cleaning quick and easy, and helped Clemson keep labor costs low.

Later, a new laundry solution was developed for and introduced to Clemson after they asked Ecolab to address issues with the high number of rewashes required in order to get the purple and orange paint out of the university’s football uniforms.

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