A recent survey asked carpet cleaning technicians how they build trust with customers, specifically new customers; the types of issues that arise when first meeting a new customer; and how to build customer loyalty. Approximately 350 registered owners of carpet extractors were invited to take the four-question, multiple choice survey.
According to the findings, when meeting with a female customer for the first time, carpet cleaning professionals believe her key concerns are:
• Personal safety, 63 percent
• The cost of the service, 13 percent
Other concerns involved possible breakage or damage to property as well as carpet drying time after cleaning.
When meeting a male customer for the first time, the overwhelming concern, according to the technicians surveyed, was the cost of service. 

Personal safety was not noted as a concern; however, the technicians reported some male customers did enquire about carpet drying times.
Asked what the most common questions carpet cleaning technicians get from a customer, new, old, male, or female, these were the results:
• How much will it cost?: 75 percent
• When can you be here?: 13 percent
• How long have you been in business?: 13 percent

As to building trust with a new customer, virtually all the technicians answered this is best accomplished by "acting professionally."  However, as to how they get repeat customers, these were their responses:
• Customer trust, 37 percent

This survey was taken by owners of U.S. Products and HydraMaster equipment.