A recent survey finds that most carpet cleaning technicians, 59 percent, believe 2008 will be a good year economically for them. However, 64 percent believe the overall U.S. economy is “getting worse” or at best, staying the same. 

More than 100 carpet cleaners completed the survey, which has a confidence rating of 95 percent. This indicates that even if more people responded, the results would still be about the same, plus or minus 5 percentage points.

As to some of the other results:
•    Seventy percent of the carpet cleaning technicians said 2007 was a better year for them than 2006.

•    Thirty-eight percent expect more of their business in 2008 to come from commercial clients, while 36 percent say it will come from residential customers.

•     Regarding the current “credit crunch” affecting the housing industry, 32 percent indicate it will not hurt their carpet cleaning businesses, but almost as many, 30 percent, say it will have a negative impact.

•    Although they see more growth ahead, more than 30 percent say it will be harder to find workers in 2008; 28 percent report it will be easier, while more than 25 percent say they are not sure.

’08 Buying Plans
Although most of the carpet cleaners responding believe 2008 will be a good year, it is not necessarily translating into larger business equipment spending plans. Thirty-eight percent report they plan to spend more for carpet cleaning equipment this year; 34 percent say they plan to spend less, with the remaining 28 percent saying they plan to spend about the same as in 2007.

As to what they will be purchasing, 56 percent say they plan to buy new portable extractors; 31 percent say their main purchases will be “wands, tools, and equipment accessories.”  Only 9 percent say they plan to purchase a new business vehicle, with still fewer, 3 percent, saying they see a new truck-mount extractor in their future.

“Overall, the survey paints a picture of carpet cleaners that are optimistic but cautious about 2008,” says Nick Wiebe, marketing manager for U.S. Products. “They feel their businesses will do well and grow but they want to be careful where and how much money they plan to spend this year.”

This survey was conducted online the first week of January 2008, by U.S. Products.