Carpet being cleaned

Plenty of businesses have changed their operations up a bit to better service clients. For example, businesses that previously dealt with facility upkeep, but not necessarily janitorial services, are switching their business model so that they can do work related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A perfect example of a company that pivoted its mission due to COVID-19 is Robla FloodPro of New York. The company had been known for carpet cleaning and forms of restoration work, but began to focus on deep cleaning after the pandemic began, reports WWNY.

The co-owner of the company, Ashely Robla, told the Upstate New York TV station that demand for deep cleanings against COVID-19 was slow when the company first started offering the services. But just like positive cases of COVID-19, business increased as time went. Since March, the company has disinfected at least one building per week and has a booked schedule.

FloodPro is actually putting COVID-19 cleaning jobs ahead of carpet cleaning,  choosing to reschedule carpet appointments so that they can fit deep cleaning work in the busy schedule.

American distilleries became one of the first forms of business to switch up operations so that they could help more people during the COVID-19 pandemic, after many began making emergency supplies of hand sanitizer. Recently, these distilleries found out the federal government will not heavily charge them for the action.