With the addition of six vacuums and three cleaning solutions, the Seal of Approval program has grown to a total of 928 products.

In the Vacuums category, Triple S of Billerica, Massachusetts, adds four new commercial uprights to the Seal of Approval rolls, bringing the company's total to eight SOA-approved machines.

Earning approval at the Bronze Level are the Triple S ProSense 15D, Triple S ProSpec HD101, Triple S ProSpec HD101DC, and Triple S ProSense 12D.

ProTeam, of Boise, Idaho, adds the company's 27th and 28th vacuums to the Seal of Approval program with the addition at the Silver Level of the Super Coach Pro 6 and Super Coach Pro 10 commercial backpacks.

In the Cleaning Solutions category, new products from the Pro-Link Company of Canton, Massachusetts bring the category total to 372. Pro-Link products Fiber Refresh, Enzyme Spotter & Odor Eliminator Cherry Almond, and Enzyme Spotter & Odor Eliminator Fresh have earned SOA approval.