A pile of weed

Half of America’s states have made the use of either recreational or medicinal marijuana legal. Illinois will push that total to more than half come Jan. 1. With support for the plant growing, many are demonstrating interest in joining the marijuana industry in some fashion. This includes distributors in all sorts of industries, according to AFFLINK.

Distributors and others involved in packaging are intrigued by the potential profit. The legal cannabis market has already exceeded $10 billion and some suggest it will surge to $250 billion before long. 

Before companies get to packaging and distributing marijuana in the U.S. and Canada, there are a few things they should consider. Gretchen Friedrich of AFFLINK says the following packaging guidelines apply to most areas in which cannabis products are manufactured, distributed, and sold:

• Packages must be tamper evident, meaning they have a seal or ticket that snows if they’ve been opened.

• Child-resistant packaging is required. However, what is required of this packaging differs between states.

• All packages must be properly labeled before being delivered to distributors or retailers.

• Marijuana must be packaged in a fashion that prevents it from being contaminated.

• Packaging containing marijuana can not be made to look like packaging of products intended for kids.

• Marijuana edibles like cookies and drinks must be in opaque packaging, so kids cannot see what is inside.

"Manufacturers and retailers in the cannabis industry are advised to work closely with packaging and distribution professionals," says Friedrich. 

Believe it or not, the legalization of marijuana impacts other members of the cleaning industry. As the use of the drug becomes more common, those tasked with cleaning facilities must figure out how to get rid of the odor it causes.